Edward Running Bear's Four Red Roads Medicine Wheel

Edward Running Bear's Four Red Roads Medicine Wheel
Four Red Roads Medicine Wheel

Four Red Roads Medicine Wheel

The Outer Circle is The World I see around Me.
The Inner Circle - The Sun-dance Medicine Wheel is The World With in Me.


The Sundance Medicine Wheel

Four Red Roads Medicine Wheel Elements

The Outer Circle - The World I See Around Me.

(1) Gate Way For the Winter Solstice
Home of the New Moon And The Element of Earth
Birth Place of Adversity
White in Honor of the wisdom of White Haired ones and the winter Snows.

(2) The Gate way For Imboc.
The Portal through which we all entered this world
Red in Honor of the Blood Shed By Woman giving Us Mortal Life.

(3) The Gate Way For the Spring Equinox
The Home of the Waxing Moon and the Element of Air
Birth Place of New Beginnings
Yellow in Honor of the Rising Sun

(4) The Gate Way For the Summer Solstice.
The Home of the Full Moon and the Element of Fire
Birth Place of Greater Vision with the Sun at its Highest.

(5) The Gate Way for the Fall Equinox
Home of the Waning Moon and the Element of Water, the Coming of Rain
Birth Place of Contemplation.
Blue for the Rain.

(6) The Red Road Path from The Northwest
Philosophies of the Native Americans
Pray - Study and Observe Nature - Sacrifice and Service.
Red in Honor of our Native American Brothers.

(7) The White Road Path from the North East.
The Philosophies and Teachings of Moses, Jesus the Christ, Muhammad and the Testimony of Joseph Smith.
Prayer, Study, Sacrifice, and Service
The Thorua, - Greek New Testament- Al-Qu-ran - Latter-day Revelations
White in Honor of our Brothers from Europe and the Middle East

(8) The Yellow Road Path from the South East.
Philosophies of Buddha and Lao Tzu
Meditation, Study, Sacrifice and service.
Yellow in honor for our Brothers in China
The Four Noble Truths of Buddha
The Noble Eight-fold Path
The Tao Te Ching

(9) The Black Road Path from The South West
The Philosophies of the Many Teachers of the Vedic Scriptures.
Meditation, Work, Love and Devotion.
Black in Honor of our Brothers in India and Africa.

(10) The World with in me as Pictured in the Sun-dance Medicine Wheel.

I am The Wheel and The Wheel is Me!
I am Where The Four Red Roads Meet and One Becomes the Other.

Time after time Teachers have come since the dawn of recorded History.
Time after Time they all bought the same Spiritual Philosophy.
Time after Time the People Rejected the living Prophets and Teachers.
Wake up it is all the same thing.  When will we stop killing each other over the Teachings of Dead Prophets and Teachers and Find the Same Truth Being Told Once Again by Living Prophets?

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